Implement these 5 tools to effectively and they will save you management time whilst simultaneously boosting productivity! What's not to like?

1. Love what you do
One of the main reasons job satisfaction benchmarks are sometimes low is because the workplace often fails to engage at an emotional level. So ask yourself, ‘in the context of my work, do I love what I do?’ If the answer is no, consider why not?

  • What can you do to change your own job satisfaction and staff morale in the workplace? Be honest with your answers, because if you don’t love working there, why should anyone else? 
  • Ask your employees the same question; ‘in the context of your work, do you love what you do, and if not, why not?’ Listen to their answers. 
  • Set goals with your employees to act on the results in order to increase their on the job satisfaction levels.

This management technique, when acted on, will increase staff morale, develop a sense of pride and increase motivation.

2. Love what you create
Staff morale is often linked to the quality of the goods, product or service you create and sell. Again, be honest; do you love what you sell? If you don’t love it, why should your customers or employees value it? 

It’s possible the reason job satisfaction and morale are low is that your product needs attention.

This simple management technique to boost job satisfaction and staff morale provides an ideal opportunity to involve your employees in developing new products and service standards. This idea becomes an exciting win for customers, whilst seamlessly improving staff morale and job satisfaction.

3. Trust your employees
Micro-management is never best practice in any organisation. 

  • It lowers job satisfaction and reduces staff morale. 
  • Employees feel they are not valued or trusted. 

Micro-management can add to your own stress and reduces personal performance, not to mention your own staff morale. 

Instead of constantly looking over your employees shoulders, consider this idea to increase job satisfaction;

You hired your staff as professionals, experts in what they do. 

Set up clear objectives, guidelines, performance standards and reporting for every member of the team and then step aside: allow them to do their jobs.

Trust your employees and they will trust you right back. Staff morale will increase and job satisfaction will sky-rocket. Employees will feel valued in the workplace, connected to the business, engaged, committed and loyal.

4. Experience your values
Many businesses now recognise the important technique of using values in their organisation. But many don’t realise that values are created for job satisfaction, staff morale and employee engagement first, customers second. 

The purpose of values are to motivate. 

If you cannot motivate your staff they will under-perform with customers. It starts from within.

Whilst values training is always good practice, better results come when values come down off the projector screen and are brought to life every day. When your employees internally experience your values, staff morale increases and job satisfaction goes up. With values in action training naturally takes a back seat.

5. Involve the team (inform, reassure, belong)
One of the key reasons for employees to experience poor staff morale and job satisfaction is when they feel excluded. This leads to misgivings, mistrust and suspicion. 

At it’s worst, exclusion leads to conspiracy where employees decide that well intentioned ideas have malicious intent. It’s all a long way from either staff morale or job satisfaction in an engaged and loyal workplace.

The work-place remedy is simple: everyone wants to feel that their efforts, no matter how small, contributes to the big picture. Keeping staff up-to-date with initiatives, plans, news and information is a sure-fire technique to increase staff morale and job satisfaction. 

This reassures, informs and leads to the feeling of belonging.

Consider non-work related projects; a charity drive, hobby night or team photo shoot.

Any collaborative project where people can contribute on an equal footing will build staff morale and increase job satisfaction.

Adopt these five things you can do right away to improve job satisfaction and staff morale in your workplace. These simple methods can help empower your staff as part of an ongoing employee engagement strategy. Good luck!